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Re: Re. you had me going...

I opened a couple of images - skin tones in bright late day sun - to
see the difference between NX and ACR. Out of the box the NX skin
tones were way too red compared to very natural looking skin in ACR.

Also my experience. I gave NX a serious try for a couple of weeks, but often I had a hard time with oversaturated and sometimes clipping reds in NX (even in Neutral or D2X II mode), which was completely gone when the pics were opened in Bibble or Lightroom (=ACR as far as color and other PP goes). For that reason, I too found it difficult to nail skin tones in NX, whereas it was easy in Lightroom and Bibble. However, I'm sure NX (and/or the picture profiles in the camera) could be bent to my will if I tried hard enough - like all RAW converters can. Many experienced people here seem to really like the IQ of the pics processed in NX, and they do back it up with posted pictures that look great, so it can't be that bad. However, I also like the workflow and the other offerings of Lightroom better, and having found something that works well for me, I see no need to go on experimenting for the time being.

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