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Re: I tried it - here's 2 files

You picked a scene that is dreadfully easy for most any raw converter to get somewhat close to correct.

So try this (if you can - I understand you may not be able to)

If you don't have access to a studio, try to rent one and put up a paper seamless with a strong, saturated color in the blue or purple family will show the differences quickly. Get a handy dandy test model - caucasion female would work best for the skin tone test. Light properly with a single softbox (a medium to large one) and do a full length fashion shot (or pretend to, lol) of some sort. I think you'll understand quite quickly why there are a lot of us who prefer NX to Lightroom/ACR.

What it comes down to is always what you shoot for subject matter. I shoot people in studio like environments most of the time, and while I would very much like Lightroom/ACR to do the best raw conversion, they simply don't for what I mostly shoot . Capture NX does - and with far less fuss and much more control. The only area where Lightroom/ACR beats NX is in sharpening - the sharpening system in Lightroom/ACR is really, really nice.

Now - if I was shooting mostly landscape or outdoor easy scenes - I likely could quite easily get by with ACR/Lightroom.

These days, while I do think ACR/Lightroom has improved quite a bit since a couple of years ago, they still are not at the level I personally think they should be at, and while I keep them around, my second choice for raw conversion after NX is actually Capture One -- those guys have a far better understanding of Nikon raw files (than anyone at Adobe) and it shows.

However, my opinion overall is that raw converter choice is still a lot like religion - lots of people get really defensive and stubborn about their own selection, and a lot of it (in terms of converter choice) comes down to, I really think, what you shoot and how critical you are. It's quite possible that what works well for one person won't work at all for another, and both guys could be right.


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