I have changed my mind.

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Re: I have changed my mind.

RafaelD7 wrote:

LuvLatins wrote:

What file are you editing (in ACR) if you are not editing the RAW file? I do not follow your statement above.

You are correct, I probably should have said that you are not getting
all of the NEF features from the file that you are in NX. For
example the Picture Control information from the camera is ignored by
ARC. And the design on NX is to edit and STAY in the RAW editor not
converting to another format to finish your editing. NX all edits
are done in NX from start to finish.

OK, I understand now. Yes, NX uses all the information from the
camera and ACR does not. I can get around that in ACR because I have
been using it almost since it came out

Ah - and that's what I thought - and I was wrong (I have been using ACR as a Beta tester BEFORE it came out). Do this simple test. Do a conversion using ACR. Put it in PS CS3 - which should already be open. Then do a Capture conversion. Put it in PS CS3. Now layer the two and compare RGB histograms. Real easy to do! If you have picked a difficult image you will see the difference in the histograms instantly. As an example, one of my images showed a perfect histogram using Capture. The same image using ACR had the blue channel shadows clipped and the red channel highlights clipped. Now try correcting that! Can it be done? Sure! But not by 99.9% of PS CS3 users!

(and Photoshop even longer

than that). I find that I would have to unlearn a lot of what I do
now if I switched to NX. It is just a matter of having a set work
process, which becomes intuitive (even though it involves three
programs: Bridge, ACR, and PSCS3), and not wanting to climb yet
another learning curve. If I were starting out, though, I would
probably go with NX.

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