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Re: Let's try both ways on a test file

Steve Bingham wrote:

.... More importantly, the histogram for the
Capture file always looked better. Often times it was bi-module,
where the ACR would be a simple bell. I would see a lot more contrast
in mid-tone variations with Capture than with ACR. That's why the
image seems to have a more 3D look.....

I suspect this analysis is one of the key things that people react to in prefering CNX. Once this is identified, it is a pretty simple step to incorporate in an ACR workflow, with several options available (curves adjustment layer, LCE layer, image> adjust> shadow/highlight> midtone contrast, etc). Not to say that either process is better, just different tools.

On the issue of whether CNX understands the tonal response of the sensor as a raw converter, I don't know how an objective comparison can be made (not denying it, just don't know the science -(defer to Iliah!)). I do have suspicions about ACR, tho because of the issue of people trying to calibrate ACR coming up with consistent treatment of red channel hue and saturation across many sensor/lens/etc permutations.

Another key point, IMO, is the notion of intuitiveness. Having used photoshop since V2.5 LE, I can appereciate that the 'Adobe way' becomes a way of thinking that must be unlearned to use a different tool, and as such, CNX faces a possibly unjust bar of unfamiliarity. (But it is a fact of life that we 'are' accustomed to a thinking process.)

Final (minor) point on usm -- in Adobe R=pixels vs R=% in CNX for people wanting to compare.

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