SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Re: It probably has a lot to do with ....

Hi Alfred,

I wonder whether it has more to do with how well the electronics are able to deal with electronic interferences instead. Depending on the locations, even Pocket Wizards show significant decrease in their working ranges. Some places have more electronic interferences than other places.

I haven't tried the particular Chinese model you mentioned. But I wonder whether your success with it has more to do with where you use them. I see that you live in a small town in Maine. I suspect there probably aren't a whole lot of electronic interference there vs at some airport in a large city.

I've tested all three models at the same location (my apartment in the Washington DC area): the Chinese made Cactus triggers, MicroSync, and Flashwaves. As I wrote before, the Chinese model failed miserably. In fact, I tested two different samples of that particular Chinese model. They failed the same way both times, so their failure is unlikely to be a poor sample (or weak batteries as I used brand new batteries).

Since you say that particular Chinese model is so great, I am quite curious. Perhaps it really is different from and better than the more known and popular Cactus model. Although given that both are priced about the same, I doubt that they are much different or better than the other.

Anyhow, since you have so many of that Chinese model, if you are willing to mail it over to me, I would be happy to test it and compare it to Flashwaves or MicroSync (which I still have ... but if anyone is interested, let me know). Even though it costs only about $20, I really don't want to waste more of my money on those -- even if it's just $20 ... they add up --, but if you are willing to mail it to me, I'll test it out and mail it back to you.


BTW -- Canon 40D can sync at 1/250s. But it's interesting that Cactus was able to sync at only 1/180s with Canon 40D. Since Cactus claims max sync speed of 1/1000s, it should've been able to sync with Canon 40D at 1/250s, not 1/180s.

alfredky wrote:

the electronics involved to trigger the transmitter, if there are any
capacitors, like in surge protector circuitry, then the signal will
be delayed from the very beginning and you couple that with the
rather slow synch speed of the Canon's, you are not going very fast.
The Nikon D70 synchs at 1/500 and has a electronic shutter which
allows you to synch up in to the 1/thousends, but that is limited by
the remotes. All of my cheap remotes work well in to 1/800 on my D70!
Really can't beat those cheap little things, you can step on them and
all you've lost is $20 :))

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