SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

Started Jan 28, 2008 | Discussions thread
alfredky Senior Member • Posts: 1,854
It probably has a lot to do with ....

the electronics involved to trigger the transmitter, if there are any capacitors, like in surge protector circuitry, then the signal will be delayed from the very beginning and you couple that with the rather slow synch speed of the Canon's, you are not going very fast. The Nikon D70 synchs at 1/500 and has a electronic shutter which allows you to synch up in to the 1/thousends, but that is limited by the remotes. All of my cheap remotes work well in to 1/800 on my D70! Really can't beat those cheap little things, you can step on them and all you've lost is $20 :))

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