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...a respected photographer who discovers that ACR is not an equal RAW converter compared with brand RAW converters... I say this already since I had terribly bad RAW convertions of my Fuji RAW files(a year ago) - more noise and less detail- compared with Fuji HU software. Also highlights seem to be more blown as with brand RAW converter (for sure with Fuji). With my NEF files I saw the same thing happening, less quality, more noise, more blown highlights with ACR... Some people here nearly crusified me for blaming ACR though... because "professionals"use it... Many "professionals" (not all of them of course...) care about speed and money though, not about the ultimate quality...

ACR is good for speed RAW processing and for postprocessing once you're in TIFF or JPEG format, for quality RAW convertion you need to use the brand RAW converter to get the best out of your files. I'm very convinced about this, I am a pixel peeper...

Thanks for posting this Steve, I appreciate.
Kindest regards,
I prefer one really good picture in a day over 10 bad ones in a second...


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