DP1/E420 sizes updated

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Re: uops my mistake

nickleback wrote:

Rriley wrote:

nickleback wrote:

Koenigstiger wrote:

In fact I meant rangefinder.

Perhaps you meant shaped more-of-less like a rangefinder, but with
EVF and AF?

a simple viewfinder camera would suffice, and where the OVF isnt as
attached to frame size like an SLR. Examples are the range of 35mm
film compacts like the Minolta HiMatic, etc

The HiMatic is a rangefinder, with all the limitations common to
rangefinders and more, due to its short base length.

The base length of an RF can be considerably larger than the effective baselength of an SLR, which is the lens aperture. Typical RF's have baselengths of 40-60 mm, which is equivalent to a 50mm lens of f/1.3-f/0.83.

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