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Re: Which EyeOne Display2

Looks to me like there are only 2 negative reviews on the Eye One Display 2. One of those reviews is legitimate, the one where the device failed to calibrate. Might have been the instrument or the calibration target--a tiny piece of white material in the calibration stand--who knows, but it should not have happened.

The other negative review I believe is a guy who did not know what he was doing. Eye One Match 3.62 is the program that the instrument uses. It will accept several different calibration instruments, one of which is the Eye One Pro Spectrophotometer which I have- part of the Eye One Photo package. That instrument has a button on the side which you can click. Not sure that if you choose the wrong instrument in the box where you are asked to choose the calibrator that it wont then show to push the botton. I doubt whether the program itself is incorrect as it has been through many iterations and is simple to use. That fellow is still having trouble with his prints not matching the monitor and blames it on the monitor, when in fact he does not mention whether he has printer profiles and knows how to use them.

The only difference Pantone can make is whether you get good customer service.

If you want to be sure, I would go to http://www.chromix.com rather than Amazon. You might payl 20$ more, but they are the experts in color management and have excellent customer service. I have been buying from them for several years and nothing but excellent service, at one time even ordered a special case for my eye One Photo stuff and it was back ordered for several months before I could get it. When it was so late, they offered me my money back (which I did not take because I wanted the case)- and then sent me a free case to use temporarily. B & H is good also. http://www.bhphotovideo.com

Good Luck.


John_CCN wrote:

Yes! However, I don't mean that ALL reviews are bad, but you can see
for yourself that Pantone has much more bad reviews (some very
bitter) than x-rite

See for x-rite:

See for Pantone:

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