SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Here you go

P Hartung wrote:

alfredky wrote:

the RF616 and the RD616, one is the transmitter and the other the
receivers, both are cheap Chinese units available on Ebay. I do
recommend not to use the internal pc sockoet of the receiver, but use
the pc cable instead, the pc connector is suposedly very fragile and
of poor quality. Using a audio to pc cable, I have not had any issues
at all, matter of fact I just went on ebay to look what the cable is
called and ended up ordering two more receivers Never did find
what the cables where called. However, I bought the cables here , very good

I could not find anything like you described. There are studio
strobe units that are 16 channel models for cheap, but that's not
what this thread is about.
I've got two of the cactus cheapos from ebay, modified with five
extra inches of antannae wire for better distance, and these can
barely sync at 1/160th on a good day - usually 1/125th. Plus, they
misfire often and the rear battery cover on the receiver doesn't fit
when an American battery is used. The version I have are only four
channel units.
If yours is a different unit, please embed a link if you can.

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