K200d vs K10d

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Re: K200d vs K10d

Leo "Zoom" wrote:

I own K10D and right now I am testing K200D and K20D with 18-250,
16-50 and 18-55 II. First impressions - although K200D has several
nice new features in firmware, I would go for K10D - after custom
functions tweaking it requires far less accessing the menu.

Same question for you I asked of Roland and in general - what specifically do you use the menus for on the K200D that you wouldn't have to on the K10D? As I mentioned, I rarely use the menus at all on my *istDS. Maybe once every few hundred shots I might change flash compensation, but as far as I know, the K10D doesn't have a button for that. If I were the type of person to use a lot of the different AF modes, I could see the buttons on the K10D saving a lot of menu traversal. But I personally don't - I use AF in its defalt mode, or cancel it with a press of the OK button and focus manually. The only button I'd likely take advantage of I can think of is the AF-C button - but again, not often often to really care about.

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