1030sw samples

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1030sw samples

Hi Folks,


Table / Colour target

Couple showing the shadow mode, 19=on,20=off (If I recall correctly)


Salad anyone?

Please save the files rather than viewing directly in the browser, it may save
repeated access to the same file and thus my bandwidth...

Today is a bright sunny day so Ill stroll around and grab some more e.g Landscape@28mm (the 28mm is very nice btw)

Some obs about the camera:
One concern: The lens cover is a piece of metal that slides into place, any sand

or grit in that location may jam it, time will tell if thats a common issue or not.

IQ: (see the samples and please post your comments)
My own:-

Fairly soft images out of camera (compared to Fuji's) I suspect the glass outer element attributes to some of that softness. Sharpening in e.g lightroom at > 30 will cure the softness. Chromatic aberration seems about the same amount as found on a Fuji F30, perhaps a "tad" more depending on the angle of shooting and the contrast levels, again that can partly be fixed in lightroom. You may find some ca in the samples, but considering the purpose of the camera = grab and go and dont worry about it getting, wet, dirty, dropped, eaten by the dog etc its a great camera.

Any specific questions I'll attempt to answer also, I switch between the Panasonic TZ3 (=travel), F30 = With me all the time, F40 "20D in my pocket minus the 15kg backpack)....

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