Getty approves E-3 - AA is not a big deal!

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Getty approves E-3 - AA is not a big deal!

In another thread I cited from Getty's in-house test word by word and broke their website agreement, so I asked the admins to remove that thread (they did it - thanks a log). Still, as I think it is a very important consideration, I repeat the information here. Here we go:

Getty does in-house test of cameras, and the E-3 is the first Olympus to hop on the list. It is among the Canon 1 series (plus the 30D and 40D, 20D fails in resistance to post-production, for example), top Nikons (plus the D200 and D300, but not the D80). Although Getty is no God, this alone should tell you something. But they actually tell you about the decision, which I try to replicate in way which respects their rules. The find that the E-3:

  • files are nice, although not as vibrant or sharp as those coming from the 1 series C/N cameras. They note however that there's nothing a little PP can not help completely (light USM in the case of sharpness). The very good resistance to PP, extreme upsizing in particular, is stressed. Note that a lot of cameras fail this test and can not get in to Getty. We will get back to this.

  • the originally roughly 30 meg tiff files scale up to 48 meg easily. They also withstand to upressing to 300 meg. Again, this is something not every camera can do (quality is obviously not the same as the 30 meg file, but there is no disturbing posterisation, lack of sharpness or noise).

  • noise is acceptable (note: Getty advises contributors to shoot preferably iso400 at max)

  • there is enough information in both the shadows and highlights

Bottom line: the E-3 is an acceptable camera for professional use.

And how this comes to the AA filter? Well, resistance to upsizing is partly delivered by the well controlled image quality. The AA filter plays a major role in that. Images full of artefacts are not upsizeable, and this is something professionals need and do all the time. And USM is available in every image editor.


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