What does 100% crop mean?

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Re: What does 100% crop mean?

casatelb wrote:

OK, hopefully this is not too dumb of a question.

Hopefully, this isn't to confusing of an answer...

I see a lot of posters mentioning that their shots are posted at 100%
crop. But what exactly does this mean and how do you get it?

A 100% crop is a photo that has been opened up to the pixel level where a portion has been cut (cropped) out. Usually done to show the image quality characteristics of a lens or camera.

My original assumption is that it means that the photo is cropped so
that when you are looking at it, it is zoomed so that 100% zoom
exactly matches the size or your screen. Or something to that effect?

This would be a case of resizing. A 10MP photo won't fit on the average PC screen. So it needs to be re-sized down to 25-30% to be able to see the entire photo at once. Ever had somebody send you a photo in full rez where you have to scroll around to see the entire photo...that would be a 100% (uncropped) photo. Had the sender re sized it to 1024X768 (or smaller) you'd see all of it in it's entirety.

Also, how would you go about calculating that? Meaning if I am using
Photoshop, I wouldn't know how to use the cropping tool to make it so
this equation works.

Cropping is cutting a section out of a photo (hopefully, in the same ratio it's going to be printed in, 5X7, 8X10, etc.) and resizing is taking a large crop or full rez photo and reducing it so it can be emailed, viewed on the web, or simply to have the file size of the original reduced.

Most software packages address what you want to do...you'll just have to a little digging around.

I think that makes sense...if not somebody might be able to jump in and explain it in a simpler way.

Good Luck


Any tips?

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