30D vs 40D

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Re: 30D vs 40D

Filmluvr wrote:

DisneyJim wrote:

he's just doing it now to get his jollies

You couldn't be more wrong. Asking others not to post irrelevant, OT
"Look what I shot!" photos in an equipment discussion forum does not
amuse me. I do it in the hope that eventually I won't find it
necessary to wade through so much spam in order to find useful
discussions, or to inadvertantly download dozens of unwanted images
everytime I click on a poorly-described thread. The admins set this
up in a way that makes perfect sense, but these large numbers of
unrelated posts and images create a forum that is inconvenient,
difficult to navigate and unprofessional.

As for my way of getting the point across, I've noticed it makes
little difference how I approach this subject. Those of you who
prefer the choas this creates simply don't want to hear about it.

May be you should get your facts straight,

Out of 45 threads on the first page of 40D forum, only 5 threads have pictures, 2 very technical.
I would take take that "spam" to "merit" ratio anytime.

Spam is what most of your posts are, and the fact that you are universally condemned does not seem to bother you.
You crave attention and you get it.
Feels good?


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