SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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I saw it ...

Hi KP,

I saw it. Here are the problems with Radio Popper Jr.

1. When I got Flashwaves, it was not available. Well, it's STILL not available. It's still on paper only, which means it's only someone's figment of imagination.

2. It's cost is at least $50, still an imaginary price. It may very well end up costing more. If it's made in the U.S., I highly doubt that it can be made and sold for $50. So, even under the most hopeful circumstances, it may end up costing about $75.

3. It'll probably require more accessories, i.e., cables + hot shoe adapters. Which will probably drive up the cost of using it to at least $100+

4. Even if the cost of using it can be contained to $100, you have to deal with wires, etc. Isn't the whole idea to be wireless?

5. It's only a single channel operation vs. 10 channels.

6. We don't know what it's max sync speed will be.

Anyhow, on paper, it looks good. I hope it becomes a reality soon. 2000 ft range is very tempting, even though I will probably never use it or need it.

For now, the reality as I see it is that Flashwaves is the best option for now. Granted that the max range is only about 50 meters, it still can sync to 1/250s. Best of all, you do not need to buy any more cables, hot shoe adapters, etc. It's all you need. I love the built in hot shoe. Simply brilliant.

As for Radio Popper Jr., let's just hope for the best and see if and when it becomes a reality.


Kpatel wrote:


Look for this:

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