Lens reviews: Some thoughts.

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Bokeh, microcontrast, etc

Depending on one's photographic interests, there's more to a lens than resolution and aperture.

Check this recent post (How To Stress A Camera Lens) on The Online Photographer:


And check the comments:


There's a lot on different aspects of lenses and the results one can get from them.

I learned plenty. And not only it allowed me to better understand some of the reviews I'd already read (here, on photozone, slrgear, etc.), but now I'm even more sure of the lenses I intend to buy next. That's why I'm sharing these links. I hope they're helpful.

And after reading that post I noticed that I haven't yet found a lens review thorough in the right way, with the information I need to make a lens choice.

For example, just today I stumbled on this tutorial on lens contrast (microcontrast):


And got curious to check the examples of photos made with lenses that have:

a.) poor contrast and poor resolution,
b.) good contrast but poor resolution,
c.) good resolution but poor contrast, and
d.) both good resolution and good contrast

By the there are some interesting camera and lens reviews both on The Online Photographer and Luminous Landscape.


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