I have to laugh on these forums at times...

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Jim Radcliffe
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I have to laugh on these forums at times...

All these folks who say the DP1 is just a 4MP point and shoot and then the counter replies... None of it is important. It's the final image that is truly important.

I can't wait to see the results of this camera from some of the truly talented photographers who will buy it. I know guys with thousands of dollars worth of Canon and Nikon gear and they can't take a good photograph. They obsess over pixels and bells and whistles when photography, at it's most basic, is framing the shot and exposing the sensor/film to light with a defined shutter speed and aperture... that's it! Photography is so siimple.. once you understand the variables involved. The final element is having an eye for a photograph. You don't get that when you buy a $6000 camera and you don't get it when you buy a $300 camera.

Sure the glass is important and yes, the sensor/noise and dynamic range all matter but in the end it is still the photographer knowing his gear and knowing the qualities of light and motion that matter. If the photographer does not understand these relationships it does not matter what camera he uses, the photographs will be substandard.

The DP1 will makes its owners think and therefore can not really be called a point and shoot.... a point and shoot is what the soccer moms use to take shots of little Johnny. It's what your teenage daughter keeps in her purse to quick shots of her friends at high school and parties.

The DP1 appears to be a different beast. Some of the old boys in the DSLR club are having a hard time figuring out why anyone would want a camera with such limitations. They have become used to using a point and shoot on steroids, that's why.

Think about it. In a sense ALL cameras are point and shoots...

My 5D is truly more versatile than any point and shoot. I can do macro, I can do telephoto, I've got multiple lenses to choose from, I can do snap shots, I can do portraits, I've got a full frame sensor which produces incredible images with next to no noise at extreme ISO settings. But yet... it is a point and shoot camera. Yes, it's true. It really is a point and shoot camera. Whether in aperture, shutter or program mode.. you point and you shoot.. through the lens. I often use it in manual mode because I like control.

What we are really talking about here are two different types of camreas that get lumped under the same label. Point and Shoot. What we're really talking about is two different TYPES of cameras... the point and shoot and the compact. The DP1 is a compact camera with a large sensor. It is unlike any camera of its size. I do not think of it as a point and shoot although many will.

The fixed focal length will make me work harder and plan my shots. The f4 aperture will make me think about the shot. It will have better DOF than point and shoots. It will produce better photographs than point and shoots... and it will quite often equal the output of a DSLR... and that is why I have ordered one.

It's not about megapixels. It's about the ability to capture a high quality image in a compact camera and developing the photographic skills required to make the most of the tool that it is. And that's why I have to laugh when I see threads here that argue over the megapixel count of the DP1. The MP count does not matter in the case of the DP1. The proof is already out there in some truly amazing images that no point and shoot can match... and you can't really argue with that.
Jim Radcliffe

The ability to 'see' the shot is more important than the gear.

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