can someone show moon shots with fz18 and tz3?

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Re: can someone show moon shots with fz18 and tz3?


Here is a link to a thread in which I showed some pictures that I took of the lunar eclipse (February 20) with my TZ3:

I used a tripod and spot metering. I switched to the "extended optical zoom" so that I could more easily meter on the bright portion of the moon. I also did a full + - 1 EV bracket to help get the exposure right. I took about 250 pictures that night and got a dozen or so that I considered "keepers." Please bear in mind that I am a rank amature...

I love the TZ3 as a general-purpose, walk-around camera. It is quite versatile, and the moon pictures I got were enough to satisfy my curiosity. If the lunar landscape is going to be your thrust, though, you might want to look at something with a little longer reach (like the FZ18). At full zoom, the full moon occupies about 250x250 pixels on the TZ3.

Good luck!


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