SD870 IS vs Fuji F100fd?

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Re: SD870 IS vs Fuji F100fd?

garyydpreview wrote:

whcarter wrote:

I'd assume the F100fd's sensor will be equal to or better than the
F50's, which just annihilates the SD870's sensor when the images are
resized. (Check the image comparer at imaging-resource, then

Yes, in the lab analysis, the Fuji's larger sensor probably eats
Canon's tiny sensor. However, in practical usage, the reality is the
opposite, the Canon will beat Fuji hands down.

This is especially true in flash photography. I noticed Fuji and
other makes always default to the highest iso to save battery life
thus resulting in noisy or highly processed images while Canon is
less aggressive on this approach. So for the same scene and distance,
the Canon's end result is always better.

And in outdoor images, the canon will still trounce Fuji becos it
handles exposure, dynamic range, shadow/highlight contrasts, focusing
accuracy, wb, flash fill in etc much better than Fuji.

Over the years, I have noticed that a camera is much more than just
CCD. A tiny sensor can sometimes beat a larger sensor if its
mechanism and algorithm is well thought out.

What would really be a winner is if someone finally got round to sticking a CMOS sensor in a compact.

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