Why pick Qimage ?

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Re: thanks for QImage update info

John down under wrote:

Thanks for the information about QImage updates. I'm probably not up
to date with my Studio version. I don't use QImage for interpolation
or sharpening as I have more control with interpolating using Genuine
Fractals and sharpening with the FocalBlade plugin in Photoshop, but
I might have to check out what QImage brings to the table now for
convenience when that's more important than absolute control.

The real deal is it's so much better than PS, GF and FB all together. You don't have to make multiple files for different sized images, it interpolates far better than GF and the sharpening is as good as anything out there.

If you're in business, I can't recommend it enough, I go back 6+ years with Qimage and it's been a great business partner for me. If you like to spend time working and reworking images and tweaking this or that, then Qimage may not be the answer, if you need professional output with a minimum of labor cost, Qimage is the one.

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