Workflow NIGHTMARE! Transfer to View to NX : A brutal regime

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Re: Workflow NIGHTMARE! Transfer to View to NX : A brutal regime

Sorry to hear about your woes.

I found Lightroom even more frustrating - simply because I don't know Lightroom.

Open Nikon Transfer

Select the PREFERENCE tab

tick - open destination folder with application after transfer

Select ViewNX as the application

I assume you have ViewNX installed

Having made the above changes, next time you upload some photos using Nikon Transfer when the images are transferred Nikon transfer will close and ViewNX will AUTOMATICALLY open up, after a short dealy all your newly uploaded inages will be displayed.

The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted see slider top right.

Double clcik on a thumbnail and it will be displayed full screen, here you have 3 options fit to screen, 50% or 100%

You can use the arrows or on your keyboard right/left arrow to go from one image to the next.

While an image is displayed you can press a number form 1 to 9 to tag the displayed image the slected tag number will be displayed top left of the image.

To exit the full screen display press ESC

Now back in View NX see a row of coloured numbers 1 to 9 you can select to display only images that are tagged with that number, clicking on say the number 1 will display only images tagged with the number 1

You can select multiple images and either right click and select 'Open with NX' or use the tool up top 'Open with NX'

In NX a couple of very useful keys

F toggles full screen display

TAB toggles all tools ON/OFF

If you edit one image and wish to paste those same settings to lots of images, first save that image

unfortunately NX directory remains pointed at the last directory used

if tools are not displayed press TAB to toggle tools on

See on the left above 'File Directory' click on the + and navigate to the directory that has your files

Click on the + again to hide the selected directory

Click on the + above Browser and all your thumnails will be displayed.

You can alter the size of displayed thumbnails see what looks like an open folder above the thumbnails together with the tools on the top right.

You can right click on an image that has been edited and the edit steps saved, right click select 'Copy Settings'

Select one or many images then right click and select 'Paste Settings'

All tools require some time reading - learning - practising, to launch into a full on edit with a deadline without any reading or practice is just setting yourself up for sheer frustration.

Wanchese wrote:

I shot about 300 moto images in RAW today. Decided I would use the
Nikon suite of image transfer, viewing and processing software to get
the pics ready for flickr. It is now 1am, and my pics are finally
going up on line. It took me forever to make the initial
select/delete decisions, as the thumbnails in transfer NX are too
small to decide before the images are imported. Then, I had to go to
the full page view in capture, image by image, tagging the discards
for later disposal. After that step, I had to begin the post

In View NX, I would select an image, and then open it in Capture NX.
A lot of the steps I was doing to each photo were the same, but the
only way I could figure out how to do a batch, was to select up to 20
images in View, then open those in Capture. Each image opened in a
cascading window, to which I would apply the Batch, Paste routine.
With the 150 or so images that I decided to keep, that took a lot of

And then cropping was tough too. I have a 13"19" capable printer, but
I could only get a custom aspect ratio of that size in the portrait
orientation. I could find no way to set the custom dimensions to
horizontal. So I just left my images uncropped. Thank goodness I had
been concentrating on frame filling composition in the viewfinder.

But the carious exposure and color bumps mandated by varied lighting
conditions and shooting locations caused need for lots of
adjustments. But they were taking sooooo long, I just threw in the
towel, and posted the images without the needed corrections.

Maybe I am spoiled by Lightroom, where all the steps can be handled
in one program, literally in one window. I have convinced myself that
the output from the Nikon suite yields better IQ, but daaay aaammm,
the time it takes!

I must be missing something, especially regarding the initial
screening/culling and the batch ops. PLEASE, some of you veterans,
come to the aid of a Nikon newb in need!
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