Emergency!! HP B9180 - HP EFI Designer RIP 5.1

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Re: Emergency!! HP B9180 - HP EFI Designer RIP 5.1

This thread is old, but I feel a need to add my two cents...

I tried using EFI DE for HP on my Mac G5 PPC OS 10.4.11 with my new B9180. Installed 5.1 and updated to 5.1.4 with no apparent problems, although I had not tried to use the program. Later found out that the calibration function hangs after scanning the chart. Seems to complete if I delete the finished calibration print job. I hope...

Printed and read the written instructions. Thought all was well. Printed using the included EFI-created profiles and got decent, not great, results. OK, fine. I'll just create my own profiles for the paper I want to use (MOAB Lasal, not a default option) following the instructions, because, hey, EFI/HP says you can do this right?

Wrong. Even selecting "no color management (native)" in EFI's Printer setup window does not defeat the application of a media profile on the output. There is no way to pass through a profiling chart in this software without having an existing media profile applied. Therefore, there is no way to create accurate, optimized custom profiles! The printed output of my charts ends up clipped in most of the darker hue tints in my profiles. I can't use this @#$%.

Bottom line, EFI DE is a toy, not a professional tool. What a joke!


Enough said.


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