NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Calibration to sRGB in aRGB mode possible?

Graystar wrote:

Peter G wrote:

When you have a different Gamut monitor you can't simply calibrate to
another gamut. You need a serious mathetmatical transform to do it.
That works in theory, but in reality it will still be off, and you
get another set of challenges when you try to calibrate through such
a mathematical transform.

You don’t calibrate a gamut. “Gamut” (the way we use it) refers to
the range of colors that a device is capable of capturing or
producing. It is an intrinsic quality of the device and doesn’t

I don't see the problem with what Peter (and substantially, Will) said. Peter didn't say the "gamut" was calibrated, he said the (wide/narrow gamut) monitor was calibrated and you can't just switch/chose colors between wide and sRGB (which would presumably allow sRGB caliabration).

Further, there is no need to change the gamut on this monitor because
the sRGB range is already within the range of this monitor. During
calibration, one only needs to select the 16.7 million colors that
correspond with sRGB. Or, set the monitor to sRGB and let the
OmniColor technology, designed for this very purpose, do its job and
give you correct sRGB colors.

Then why does NEC say that sRGB mode on the 2690 is NOT calibratable? What is OmniColor, and how does it apply here? Google was singularly unhelpful.

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