Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

Started Feb 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
slater K Junior Member • Posts: 46
Re: Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble with test charts

Just been reading these posts with interest after setting up my new 9180. I found the same problem - how to turn off the CM to produce test charts.

I think my solution is similar to yours: i set up a custom paper which meant i could use it with CM turned off - and because the test chart looked the same as when i was printing from a different mac running 10.4 and CS2 with the plug in, i'm assuming that this works. I tested whether the profile used for the custom paper had any effect by printing again with a different icc profile attributed to the same settings - and there was no difference between an inket profile and a CMYK fogra profile ... making me think that it has no effect, and so enabled prints without CM ... make sense?!?!

Hope this might help someone, as it had me going for quite a while!!


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