Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

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Re: Leopard & Photoshop CS3 & HP B9180: custom profiling trouble

Here's what I found; on printing the chart (s) under 10.5.2 there was a sort of echo of the hatched lines at the end of the chart. Was this the driver or the paper , Hahnemuhle PhotoRag Pearl 320 g/m2.?

Just reprinted and it's the release of the paper causing a transport problem for this paper.
I first set to Pro Satin, printed and profiled.
The second I printed to Other Photo Paper.

There is a lot of difference in the linearisation. The Pro Satin has a lot more ink going down.

You won't be able to add a custom paper with this setting however. So yes as before You are going to ink limit too much and thus are bound to Photoshop conversions setting the print driver to the higher inking HP media with application color.

Too bad there isn't a way of setting the new media type to a linearisation using HP media.

I suggested this many years ago, but they don't often listen to me. This problem goes way back even to the HP 10-120PS printers.

Anyway, profiled the paper, and added it in the utility. Tagged the profile.

If there is a difference in output I suspect it would be more to due to using ACE as a color engine, than a difference at the driver linearisation preset level. You can select another CMM in Photoshop to see if it's that. Adobe did make available the CMM for Mac and PC which you can set to override others in outside applications even at the system level.

There are some alarming errors though in the printer window like "All print heads are missing" wow who stole them?

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