S100FS - bummer lens

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Re: S100FS - bummer lens

I don't see it, other than on the spoke, which must mean that I am not all that picky about CA, and that means the S100FS must have it REALLY BAD. The fact that I think the bike shot is great as far as CA only proves that I only expect things within reasonable limits.

I don't take too many shots that will test a camera as hard as that bike shot, I avoid shooting close tree lines and other things that cause CA all that often. Perhaps that is why I have not seen much of it in my S6000FD, but then again I don't shoot photos in a closet either, and I have worn all the print off the buttons on my S6000 - I have used it that much. A mechanical shutter would have bit it by now, so my "not that often" shots still add up.

There is a general consensus that the S6000/6500 is the best non-SLR Fuji ever made, even though the S9000 was supposed to be better. So the S6000 is no slouch, and it set a fairly high bar that will not be jumped without a serious effort.

I just knew the specs were too much on the S100FS, but considering the S6000 delivered so well on it's promise I had hoped Fuji would come up with another miracle. Perhaps they already found the limit.

I am hoping that the S100FS will hit the North American market as a decent camera because of a software update. The sum of any digital circuit is not equal to its parts alone, software is equally important. So perhaps Fuji has programmers working overtime to fix this thing, hopefully that is the case. I stated earlier that perhaps a software update would fix it, and I am still holding out on that hope.

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