Sony 500mm Reflex f8

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Re: Sony 500mm Reflex f8

I've been using my antique Tamron 500 mm manual focus mirror with good results. Mirror lenses are light weight and short, considering their reach. The Minolta/Sony lens has the advantage that (if I remember correctly) it will autofocus. You are correct that the depth of focus is essentially zero, which presents something of a challenge. Shooting at ISO 800 and in good light, I've not experienced much, if any, shake induced softness. The A700 viewfinder is very bright and sharp - the same lens almost blacks out on my Minolta 7xi film camera, and is much harder to focus.

I did try once with the 2X matched multiplier - it didn't seem to add anything to the equation. The image sensor seems to have more resolution than the lens can deliver, and multiplying the focal length just means less cropping for the same image sharpness, but with a dimmer viewfinder and greater chance for image shake.

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