No Mirror Lockup on the D300? HUH??

Started Mar 12, 2008 | Discussions thread
CeeDave Senior Member • Posts: 1,332
Re: Why isn't it as good?

I agree, except the MC35 built-in timer/backlight is great for long exposures (more than 30s, the max on-camera).

55 Terapixels wrote:

Peter Davis wrote:

The D300 has the MLU drive mode, but it requires you to press the
shutter (or remote release) to actually trigger exposure. It also
has "exposure delay", but it is limited to a 1 second delay. This is
not as good as a self-timer solution that gives a longer delay
without requiring you to touch the camera.

It would seem to me that on a solid Gitzo tripod, 1 second is plenty
long enough for the camera to stop vibrating from a simple finger
push and removal. What does 10 seconds give that 1 second doesn't?

The reason I'm asking is because I'm seriously considering selling my
Nikon Remote as I really don't think I need that bulky contraption
any more. Am I wrong?

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