No Mirror Lockup on the D300? HUH??

Started Mar 12, 2008 | Discussions thread
frank207be Regular Member • Posts: 371
Re: No Mirror Lockup on the D300? HUH??

Peter Davis wrote:

The D300 has the MLU drive mode, but it requires you to press the
shutter (or remote release) to actually trigger exposure. It also
has "exposure delay", but it is limited to a 1 second delay. This is
not as good as a self-timer solution that gives a longer delay
without requiring you to touch the camera.

I agree that Phil's statement in the review is misleading. However
he states elsewhere that there is no automatic mirror lock-up,
which is more accurate.

2 second timer with the 1 second exposure delay on a decent tripod is darn effective and renders M-UP obselete 99.9% of the time


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