Upside Down Tripod to Copy Old Black and White Photos With a Digital Camera

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Re: Upside Down Tripod to Copy Old Black and White Photos With a Digital Camera

Before the Xerox machine, the most common way to copy things was with a film camera, and many of the major camera firms sold portable copy stands as accessories. Many could be folded or disassembled to fit in the pocket, or at least be conveniently portable. As that was before SLRs, and the photographer could not see what was in the camera's field of view, the portable copy stands had 4 spidery legs, which splayed out to define the 4 corners of the area that would be in the shot. They also ensured that the camera would be held square on to the subject, and at an appropriate distance for it to be in focus.

I bought my first digicam 9 years ago, primarily to use as a portable copier for archival research in libraries. It has saved me a lot of time and money queuing and paying to use photocopiers. But although I have kept searching, and although modern digicams are far more suited to a copying role than the film cameras of yore, I have been unable to find any modern portable copy stands, and the few ancient models I have come across have been on sale as antiques, at appropriate prices.

Digicams have several advantages as copiers. For old manuscripts, with faded brown ink on yellowing paper, the contrast of the digital image can easily be enhanced for greater clarity. Typography with coloured fonts on coloured paper, which might come out as a mass of black on a monochrome photocopier, can be copied legibly, and bound library copies of journals do not have to have their spines broken being pressed flat. (And digicam copies DO save a lot of paper/trees)

But where are the portable copy stands to accompany such portable copying devices?


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