K20D Image Filesizes

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Re: K20D Image Filesizes

arcterex wrote:

David Oswald wrote:

There's at least one error in the grid.

You have premium JPEG at 14MP as 15,811 kb and 283 per 4gb card.
You have RAW PEF at 15,811kb and 169 per 4gb card.
You have RAW DNG at 23,605kb and 168 per 4gb card.

Those numbers are inconsistent. First of all, is the size between
premium jpeg and raw pef really the same? If so, the number of
images per 4GB card should be a lot closer.

Second, if raw pef and raw dng are so far apart in file size, there
should be a greater difference in number of images per 4gb card.

I was looking at this as well, and confused as it didn't make sense
to me either, but I found the same results in the chart at the back
of the K20D manual (page 266), which of course I didn't see before I
spent the time to get the same information! It doesn't have filesize
information, but it does have number of images.

The chart shows that RAW PEF is 162 on a 4G card, and RAW DNG is 161
on a 4G card. The chart also shows a 14mp, JPG as 272 on a card.

Ok, there's your problem. There is an old saying, "garbage in, garbage out." If you're relying on a table published with a mistake in it already, the mistake propagates through your results as well.

You would be better off projecting based on your average file sizes rather than relying on a table that Pentax published with an error in it.

My mistake was thinking that your table was providing new information rather than just reprinting what has already been published in error.

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