secondhand 16-35 I vs new 17-40

Started Mar 10, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: secondhand 16-35 I vs new 17-40

Make sure you test any lens you are about to purchase. Yes, either of these lenses need to be stopped down for landscape use, but if the corners don't clean up pretty well by f11, I would pass. Yes, the faster aperture would be nice at times.

Good luck. I think Canon still needs a good wide landscape lens for FF.



hethh wrote:

What to do?

I can get an secondhand 16-35 I for the same price as a new 17-40.
I hesitate because you read a lot of bad things about the 16-35 I. I
want to use this lens for landscape, architecture en indoor shooting.
I use a 5D.

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