A Question for the forum - possibly a stupid one

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A Question for the forum - possibly a stupid one

I was wondering about the posting of images and the responses that are given. I notice that sometimes folks will post some photos and there will be many comments. Other times, people post photos and there are very few responses. Now, I myself am guilty of not commenting often.... simply because I don't have much time to look through posts everyday and make responses as I would like to. So, I assume that goes for many members as well. There just isn't enough time to spend commenting on everyone's pictures. But, are there other reasons at work as well?

Possible reasons that occur to me:

1. Not enough time to look and respond.

2. Do not like the photos and have nothing good to say, so they say nothing rather than offer constructive criticism.
3. Don't know or like the poster, so just ignore it.
4. Only respond to outstanding photos.
5. Sick and tired of amateurish "show and tell" type threads
6. Can't be bothered
7. Not the purpose of these forums

Are there other reasons? What prompts you to comment on photos? What keeps you from adding your two cents?

Has this question been asked and answered a million times?

I'd like to hear other points of view. Thanks!

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