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Diminishing Returns

The problem when you go to resolutions this high is the lens. You aren't going to get your hands on glass that can fully take advantage of that kind of resolution.

All it's going to do is create more pixel peepers to see small flaws in their lenses.

In 8 years we've only went from 2MP to 12MP cameras, what makes you think it's suddenly going to double?

Don't get me wrong... megapixels will keep going up but it's going to reach a point of diminishing returns. We can already see it now with sub-10MP cameras. Even a 6MP camera can, with ease, show a good lens from a bad lens (in terms of sharpness and detail).

There is one benefit I can see however and that's you could take 24MP shots and then downscale them by half to say 12MP, making things "cleaner" mostly in terms of noise.

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