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Re: The entire wedding industry is a big rip-off

The wedding industry evolved to suit the demands of the clients. When you have very high expectations, you have to pay for it. If you don't, it will not seem worth it. This is not a moral issue (though as somebody who works around this industry often, there is a lot of awful taste involved).

As for the original article, this guy has had some bad experiences and wishes he made more money. Surprising, though, that we got this drivel from a financial writer. If he did the math on wedding photography (or orthodontia, some others) and applied any economic principals, he would debunk his own argument. He describes bad wedding photography - any poor service and/or product that you pay for will seem overpriced.

Also, it is clear that photography is a commodity to him. If you are buying a commodity, you always go for lowest price. For discerning clients, photography is far more than a commodity.

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