Canon 40D or good glass??

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Re: Canon 40D or good glass??

SkyTamer wrote:

Sad. Wish I could read comments as,

"I am not as good as John Doe on HDR, or on x or y technique,...
however I picked this article/book/video on how to get better

instead, you seek solace in a tool. Upgrade your tool, and you may
cause envy in weaker souls,.. upgrade your art and the tools will
fall into your hands by divine intervention.

Shoot more, shoot better...

er....ok. Hardly good advice, but I'm probably not smoking what you're smoking. I think I asked a relatively simple question. And I don't seek solace in anything thankyou very much...unless you're counting my Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar. Now that really does heal my soul. The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen.

My wife has ran off with my best mate. I'm shattered. I'm gonna miss him, he was a good bloke!

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