Adobe Frustrations - What would you do?

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Evan Effa Veteran Member • Posts: 3,342
Adobe Frustrations - What would you do?

I realize this is not a Canon specific issue but this is an online community that uses Adobe products to process their Canon images...

I have just spent 2 hours on the phone talking with 11 different reps at Adobe to find that my license to Photoshop CS2 has been revoked. For only $649, I can restore my laptop version of PS CS2 to it's former functional self.


I first purchased PS 7 for Windows in 2003. Upgraded each version CS > CS2> CS3 -each time for $200 - $300 a pop.

I had been running PS on both a PC Tower & my PC laptop. After Upgrading to CS3 for Windows I bought a Mac Pro in September & asked for the Adobe Cross Platform Switch which required my agreeing to destroy my current Windows copy of CS3 which I did. I therefore have PS CS3 on my Mac. It is working well.

I had not changed my Laptop version from CS2 for Windows & continued to use that intermittently when needed at work & on trips etc. It was working up until yesterday. I have just upgraded my Laptop hard drive to a larger drive & cloned everything onto the new drive.

Yesterday, I tried to start PS to edit an image & activated the Photoshop Police which detected the Hard drive change - must reactivate CS2 it says. Attempts to reactivate fail as License no longer recognized.

Two hours later after being repeatedly bumped back and forth between sympathetic but powerless tech support & baffled Customer support at the Indian call center, I eventually get told by Tech support (person #10) that my CS2 license should still be valid. I am referred back to India with instructions to reissue license. Customer support doesn't agree though & says that I have revoked all rights to Windows version of PS - no debate end of story. Pay $649 & all will be well again. Needless to say I am not impressed.

Adobe Lightroom allows 2 seats of their software regardless of platform (i.e. Windows Laptop + Mac Desktop) but not Photoshop.

When one "upgrades" the software (for a hefty fee each time) you are apparently no longer allowed to use the old version, even if you like it better....Hmmm. I have spent something like $1600+ on Photoshop over the last 5 years & they want me to pay another $650 to access my already paid for software?

I am eventually going to replace my laptop with a Mac version but not for a a few years. I am not interested in investing more money in Windows software but feel ripped off here.

Dilemma / options:

1) Fight further up the chain of command at Adobe to get Adobe to reissue license.

2) Forget the fight & the licensing hurdle. I have tried to honestly purchase all software I use regularly but I do have easy access to unauthorized versions of CS3...temptation.

What would you do?

What do you think of Adobe's service / policies?


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