Canon 40D or good glass??

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Canon 40D or good glass??

Hi all,

Got myself a right dilemma at the mo. I've just come into some money (I know, it feels great!) and I'm seriously considering buying a Canon 40D (Yikes!!! Traitor!!! Judus!!!) OR better glass for my D80. I really need some good advice on this before I go and do (or don't do) a stupid thing.
A few points I need to mention:
1) I hate Canon.
2) I love NIkon.

What's brought this on is the fact that Canon are offering £140 cashback on the D40 w/ 17-85mm, so I could actually have this camera for £800! That's a lot of camera for the money! I've done a few read-ups and, if I dare say so, it seems quite an impressive camera. The 6.5fps really appeals to me.

On the other hand (if you've been reading my other threads you'll know I've only just got the D80 - which I'm very happy with!), I could buy myself a handful of really good lenses. I haven't quite got enough for a D300 (if I had, there would be no question, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!), so my options really are a 40D or good glass.

Is the 40D all its cracked up to be? Also, I don't relish the idea of having two 'systems'. The one thing I DO NOT want to do is trade the D80 + cash for the D300. I'm not parting with the D80, so that option is out.

Please help. What would you do???


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