PENTAX will stop the 645D and concentrate on 135 and APS DSLR

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Pentax obviously doesn't understand english

Pretty sure the 645 was discontinued years ago and it always appears on pentax lists like this:
Pentax to discontinue medium format cameras 645N II and 67II
from editor in chief at Thursday, March 16, 2006 - 09:04

Pentax Germany just informed its customers that the company will discontinue some items. This is especially true for the medium format cameras 645N II and 67II and some lenses, meaning that Pentax will completely abandon (analogue) medium format cameras:

Pentax Germany announced that the company will discontinue some items in June 2006. An excerpt with the most important items from this list:
smc FA J 18 - 35 mm / 4 ~ 5.6 AL
smc A 35 - 80 mm / 4.0 ~ 5.6
smc A 80 - 200 mm / 4.7 ~ 5.6

645N II body

67II body
67II AE prism finder
smc 67 35 mm / 4.5 Fish Eye
smc 67 120 mm / 3.5 Soft
smc M*67 400 mm / 4.0 ED IF
smc 67 500 mm / 5.6
smc M*67 800 mm / 6.7 ED IF
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