S100FS - bummer lens

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S100FS - bummer lens

I am a reasonably experienced amateur, and have had decent digital cameras since 2001.

I have owned both the Fuji S6000FD and the S5200, as well as numerous cameras from different manufacturers.

After seeing the sample pictures from the S100fs, my conclusion is that Fuji failed big time, and for these reasons:

The chromatic aberration issues are so serious that for that reason alone this camera is a no-go. Even my S5200 was far better in this department. I'll go one step farther . . . .

I had an Olympus C-700 ultra zoom, which was the first popular ultra zoom ever made. Even that camera, which was plagued with ca issues beat the S100FS hands down. The CA on the S100FS is far worse than I have ever seen on any camera, including the old Sony cyber shots and the Minolta DiMage7 series cameras. This is such a significant failure on Fuji's part that I am absolutely blown away by it, especially considering the fact that this camera is following on the heels of the absolutely fabulous S6000FD.

As far as sharpness goes, it shows in resolving power, and in this way the S100FS sample pics do not look too bad when compared to sub $400 ultra zooms. But the S100FS is not in the sub-$400 category, and my S6000FD once again beats it in this way. My S6000FD has very little corner softness and produces clean crisp images which are for the most part artifact free.

And here is the real kicker.

The artifacting on the S100FS is serious. Even at ISO100, significant artifacting is there. It is so bad that it causes the shapes of the fine details to change across several pixels. This is proven by comparing sample pictures of the same scene from other cameras. It is so bad, that I, being great at removing super-CCD artifacting, am helpless. I can't do a thing about it in photoshop, it is omnipresent. And it not only adds a texture to the image, it adds an inconsistent intensity to mass fields, which means that if you take a picture that has a solid colored object, the object will look like an art deco painting, and it is even present in the low ISO sample shots. It's final doom.

I for the life of me can't figure out how Fuji managed to take the sample pictures that are posted on their web site. Can't figure it out at all.

Of course, DP review will no doubt test this camera, and I will wait for their final word. But it can be assumed that the Japanese reviewers are not complete idiots, and if that is the case things are not boding well for this camera, not well at all.

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