Lens Quality: Tamron vs Sigma - is one clearly better?

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Lens Quality: Tamron vs Sigma - is one clearly better?

Hi All:

I'm in the process of getting either the 350 or the 300. Hooray that the 350 is shipping tomorrow! I'm also getting the following lenses:

1. 18-250mm Sony
2. 10-24mm Tamron (or 10-20mm Sigma or 11-28mm Tamron)
3. Constant f/ 2.8 zoom, i.e. 17-50mm Tamron or equivalent
4. Macro: i.e. 90mm f/ 2.8 Tamron, or similar

I'll concentrate on getting the first 2 lenses to get going, then the constant f/ 2.8 zoom, and then the macro (since the 18-250 can do macros but only to around 1: 3.5).

Question: So much anecdotal discussion have been going on in the forum regarding Sigma's quality vs Tamron's quality. Some have mentioned better QC from one than another. I've noticed more posts about how Tamron's QC is superior to that of Sigma's. Then again, further research indicates that all Sigmas are made in Japan (not that that in and of itself is an indication of higher quality, though it does mean that Sigma may be able to exercise greater control over it's tighter geographically located factories).

May I ask for your experienced, educated opinions and observations on what lens companies are better, with particular emphasis on Tamron and Sigma, and it is likely that I'll get more than one of those.

Thank you very much in advance!

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