Large D3 Heron photo..........

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Hi Frank,

first off that is probably the most enthusiastic response I have ever recieved for any photo I have ever posted here, for that I thank you.

I never claim my photos are better than anyone else's but I do think a photo is worth a thousand words and sometimes it is the best way to illustrate a point, my point here was I am well pleased with how well the tc14e works with the the d3 and 200-400afs.vr.

The photo is a crop, but the bird was very close and I actually have a series of three photos as it came into land!

Regents park in London is the best place I have found in twenty five years to get close to these normally timid birds.
At this time of year the action is virtually non stop !
I have included a small original image here to indicate the size of crop.

I have printed off an a4 version of the photo you commented on and the detail is quite stunning, I am sure it will easily go to A3 !
here are the settings for that photo.
D3 +200-400afs.vr +tc14E, 1/2500s @f7.1, Dynamic focus (51 points) VR on.
All the best

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