Large D3 Heron photo..........

Started Mar 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
FrankG Senior Member • Posts: 1,738
That is just amazing

That is quite possibly the best in-flight shot of a Grey heron I have seen anywhere - technically phenomenally sharp and finely detailed, excellent colours and contrast and very smooth creamy background. It is just superb.

I can't see any exif data - what was the exposure, how close were you and how much is this a crop from the original ?

I am envious!

  • Frank

(PS ignore the whingers - I think most people here enjoy seeing top quality photos and obviously you are illustrating performance of gear specific to this forum so the post is highly relevant to anyone considering this equipment.)

antonoat wrote:

taken hand held with 200-400afs.vr + tc14e, ISO 1000.

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