s602 compact flash problem

Started Mar 1, 2008 | Discussions thread
jkirk@oz Veteran Member • Posts: 3,339
Re: s602 compact flash problem

That's definitely odd. You say it's not a "bent" pin, but what about a pin pushed through? There should be NO missing pins. Also, there is 1 long pin at each end, and 2 long pins in the middle. Also, is the CF release lever bent? or touching the end pins?

Finally, is there any GOO on the pins. Try spraying something like iso-propyl alcohol on them. If you have a small brush with long stiff bristles, you can even give them a quick wipe clean.

Other than that, I'm guessing that one (or more) pins have come away from the PCB.

... the camera is not allowing for the use of any compact flash card. I receive a "card not initiated" error.

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