NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Calibration to sRGB in aRGB mode possible?

Will49 wrote:

So my interpretation of what you are saying, and I think that of
others reading this is:
a) This is an 8 bit monitor because it only accepts 8 bit video inputs
b) Only having an 8 bit input makes this an "sRGB" monitor.

Actually that’s pretty close. Because it’s an 8-bit input I call it an 8-bit monitor in reference to the input. As I’m sure you well know, being a 10-bit input monitor adds thousands of dollars to the price tag, so it’s a significant distinction. In the future I’ll try to spell it’s an 8-bit input monitor.

I refer to the monitor as an sRGB monitor because that is the only color system that is built into the monitor. The monitor can clearly do more, but in terms of operating in concert with a standard, sRGB is the only one.

The only time bit depth appears in the ARGB spec is relating to image
encoding which has nothing to do with how many bits are sent to the
display (which is not defined as part of the spec). The encoding spec
for ARGB allows for 8 and 16 bits.

Yes, correct and that’s a clarification I never made. Again, it was an issue of context. I think people believe that they are going to somehow get 93% of their aRGB, 16-bit color values out of their images and into the monitor somehow to be displayed. As far as I know this is currently impossible.

So by your logic only a display with a 16 bit input is capable of
being an "ARGB" display.
Again there is nothing in the ARGB spec about bit depth other than
for encoding.

As you’ve clarified, aRGB can be specified in 8 bits. Once again it’s a question of context at the time my statement was made in order to address any expectations of silky-smooth 16-bit aRGB gradients being displayed.

the ARGB spec defines ...
When a display is calibrated...

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought and would expect, and would want when working with aRGB images.

It is important for everyone to understand that the "palette of 16.7M
out of 69 billion" does not change the range or gamut of the display

Yes, and if any of my statements were read otherwise then I apologize for that. This monitor kicks butt. As happens so often in these discussions, not enough words were used to completely convey the thought. I’ll make sure my future posts are even more wordy!

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