SM Flashwaves - Cheap alternative to Pocke Wizard

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Response to the original question...

Hi Mario,

derknipser wrote:

Hi, Gene.

You ask the wrong question ...

It is not "How much are you willing to spend for these capabilities?"

It is: "How much do I have to pay to get the results, I (or my
customer) need(s)?"

That's the SAME question. One's willingness to spend = a function of one's circumstance. "One's circumstance" includes, ones income, profession, need, wants, etc. Everyone's circumstances are different. If one is a pro photographer with a need to use TTL, then that person is probably more willing to pay for those capabilities than the one who is not a pro or one who does not need or want the capability.

Radiopopper like Pocket Wizards is not something to play with for
amateurs, both are made for pro photographers (that own multiple
flashes, mostly ST-E2 or SU-800) and are NOT contently with their
results in daylight.

It is like bashing Rolls Royce, saying: It does the same as a Toyota,
but costs way more than double. Sure, it does. But it's another way
to do the same ...


No one is bashing anything, Mario. (I take that back.... I was bashing the Chinese made Cactus triggers.)

The question that was posed was this:

"with the Radio poppers coming out very soon, what reason is there not to wait for those especially with TTL capabilities? I believe they are around the same price if not cheaper."

My response is:
1. Radio Popper P1, is NOT the same price as Flashwaves. $155 vs. $349.

2. Using Radio Popper P1 is a LOT more expensive. $349 + price of IR commanders.

3. Radio Popper Jr. is NOT available yet + it's performance is unproven + it's cost is more than the guessed price of $25. The true cost is likely to be $100.

Then the questions become:
1. If you want P1, are you willing to pay $400+ more than Flashwaves?

2. If you want Popper Jr., how long are you willing to wait to get them for about $100?

My conclusions are:
1. For some people, paying $400+ more is probably worth it.
2. For most others, I doubt it's worth it.

3. For those that already spent $$$ on their Canon & Nikon flashes and commanders, paying additional $350 for Popper P1 is probably worth it, if they don't mind the single channel mode.
4. For some, waiting for Popper Jr. is probably worth it also.

5. For me and for others, waiting 6 months so I can save $50~60 on a single channel trigger is not worth it.

6. Even if Popper Jr is available now, is $50~60 difference worth having a single channel slaves vs 10-channel slaves? For some, yes. For others, no.


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