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Re: Again, the true cost of Radio Popper P1 is $559+

Genes Pentax wrote:

Here's a comparison of the different options.

For 1 transmitter and 1 receiver

Flashwaves: $155. (Includes everything you need to connect to your

Elinchrom Skyport: $215. ($185 + $30 for hot shoe adapter = $215 +

Microsync: $250. ($200 + $20 for cable + $30 for hot shoe adapter =
$250 + s/h)

Pocket Wizard: $428. ($378 + $20 cable + $30 for hot shoe adapter =
$428 + s/h)

Radio Popper P1 (single channel model): "Price: $175 per Tx / Rx -
$349 complete 'ready to shoot' kit"
For Canon users, $559. ($349 + $210 for Canon STE2 = $559 + s/h)
For Nikon users, $599. ($349 + $250 for SU-800 = $599 + s/h)
For Nikon users using SB-800 as the commander: $664. ($349 + $315
for another SB-800 flash to replace the SB-800 being used on the
camera as a commander = $664 + s/h)

some Nikon shooters actually own multiple units of SB-800/SB-600 mostly due to Joe McNally's DVD and Dave Black's proselytizing. The cost of the RadioPopper P1 is just another business expense.

And like I said, TTL high speed sync flash will be possible with the RadioPopper P1. None of the other radio slaves in the market today can make that claim

Radio Popper Jr.: $100.
"Price: about $25 each"
($25 for Tx + $25 for Rx + $20 for cable + $30 for hot shoe adapter =
$100 + s/h)

wow, that's some serious cable you're quoting there... gold plated connectors with triple shielding? most users will already have PC flash cables/adapters on hand if they're doing off camera flash today. It might cost a new off camera flash user US$100 for the Popper Jr with cables/hot shoe adapter if they're lazy and don't do their homework/shop around

But Radio Popper Jr. is "currently existing only on paper." Existing
only on paper, according to the website. It may be a good option
once it actually exists and actually performs according to the

the same thing has been said about the RadioPopper P1 when it was first announced... vapor ware, will never get FCC approval for their radio frequency, too technically difficult, etc. We'll just have to wait and see.


Again, for Radio Popper P1, if you are willing to shell out $559+ for
TTL capability, more power to you.

If you've already spent $$$ for your Canon or Nikon commanders +
their flashes, then additional $349 may not be too much and better
than Pocket Wizard, but that's still $200 more than Flashwaves. Is
TTL worth $200? For some, yes. If it's worth $200 for you, again,
more power to you.

As for, probably, the most of us, if you don't already have Canon
STE2 or Nikon SU800, then compared to Flashwaves, the cost difference
is $400+. The question is whether TTL capability is worth that much
to you. If it is, and you are able to spend that much, again,
congratulations. Go for it.

Finally, if you are willing to wait for something that exists only on
the paper and which may cost you $100, then wait for Radio Popper Jr.

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