Photography Magazines - any good?

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Could it be

John Glover wrote:

cosilver wrote:

Practical Photography, it is from the UK. The American magazines all
seemed to be aimed towards buying new equipment and editing in
Photoshop, but lacking in useful shooting content compared to
Pracital Photography and another UK magazine...

My question is: Is there any magazine worth subscribing to that
offers tips, techniques, other useful info, along with equipment
reviews, other than UK magazines that run $10 an issue here in the US?

The UK magazines have a different approach than the Us are
right the US mags seemed geared more towards gear reviews and editing
and their reviews seem to be more driven by advertisers, which makes
ones since ad revenue is what supports the magazine. None of the US
magazines seem to offer much in the way of actual technique, and when
they do, it is generally along the lines of the top ten tips for
shooting .....or they tend to focus one particular technique that
takes some very expensive piece of gear to accomplish. One of my
favorites in this vein was an article on how to take great animal
portraits at the zoo......and they featured a pro wildlife
photographer shooting with a 600/4 telephoto and provide no tips at
all on how to accomplish the same with a lesser lens. Popular
Photography has really became more of a digital imaging, post
processing magazine and camera/lens review magazine with very little
on technique, though I do still enjoy Keppler's columns......and
Petersen's Photographic has been nothing but fluff for several years.
I've not bought a copy of Petersen's for some time now. American
Photo was more focuses on showcasing art photographers and generally
the images were not what I enjoyed so I never really read it much and
Shutterbug has always been about advertising and showcasing products
for the most part.

I've found the UK's Practical Photography to have a much different
slant with more focus on technique and critique of images. What
Digital Camera used to be another UK magazine which included some
good, practical articles on shooting tips and techniques, though it
was also heavier on the gear reviews than PP. But, the UK mags are
pricey over here.

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Could it be that that ones choice of a magazine(s) is in direct proportion to ones current level of knowledge/experience ? meaning once you have learned how to do a particular technique & advance to the next level, you are no longer interested in level one stuff, but someone else approaching level one is. once you acquire/obtain a certain level of experience or equipment & master it, you find that the magazines,books "don't" seem to have "anything" new or seem to focus on new gear/PS.

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