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True cost

derknipser wrote:
Genes Pentax wrote:

But it looks like it requires a separate IR sender/transmitter like
Canon STE-2 which costs over $200 by itself. Do other camera
manufactures have those, e.g., Nikon?

Yes, Nikon has its SU-800 IR sender.

Ok. Nikon SU-800 is $250.

From what I understand the only thing that the Radio Popper really helps is in extending the range of the IR sender. In case of Nikon's SU-800, it's 20 meter range. But with radio popper, it increases the range to about 100 meters. No doubt that is a significant increase in range.

Realistically though, what percentage of the users really need that type of range? With Microsync's 30 meter range, I never even got close to ever pushing it's limit except in test situations. Same thing with Flashwaves ... which I still haven't been able to test its max range.

So, my thought is that if someone really wanted the IR sender with its TTL capability, they would have it already for $200~250. If so, Radio Popper is probably a good investment. Better than spending the money on other wireless slaves. (Assuming that they don't need multiple channels and they have only flashes from the same camera manufacturer.)

But for regular camera enthusiasts who have not yet invested or are not willing to invest additional $800~1000+ in either Nikon or Canon gear, Radio Popper may not be such a great choice.

For Flashwaves, the true cost was what I paid for it. I didn't need to get any more cables or adapters. Everything I needed came with it. But for my $200 MicroSync the true cost was about $250 ($200 + $20 for cables + $30 for hot shoe adapters). For each additional Microsync receivers, my true cost would've been $180 ($130 for Microsync receiver + $20 for another cable + $30 for another hot shoe adapter), which was one of the things that encouraged me to try out Flashwaves.

Likewise, the true cost of the $175 Radio Popper is $375+ for Canon users or $425+ for Nikon users.


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